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  20-3-2007 · Silverfall Review It's not a bad game, but Silverfall's enormous potential and pretty graphics are overshadowed by its weak story, poor interface, and frustrating  2-4-2007 · It's not a bad game, but Silverfall's enormous potential and pretty graphics are overshadowed by its weak story, poor interface, and frustrating design  20-3-2007 · ABOUT First Released March 20, 2007 Platforms pc, psp Genre Action Rating Rated "T" for Blood and Violence Summary Since the dawn of time, the inhabitants  Silverfall, a once glorious city, lies in the fantastical Kingdom of Nelwë, where the forces of Technology and Nature are strongly opposed Symptoms of this terrible  20-3-2007 · Metacritic Game Reviews, Silverfall for PC, Set in a world of fantasy dominated by the great, opposing powers of technology and nature, Silverfall gamers must choose  Silverfall is a hack and slash action role-playing video game, developed by software company Monte Cristo for Windows A port has been made for PlayStation Portable Silverfall Sinds het begin der tijden hebben de inwoners van Nelwë vertrouwd op machtige tovenaars om de orde te bewaren De uitvinding van stoomkracht heeft deze  Silverfall Earth Awakening is an action RPG with unique graphical feel offering a fantastic quest to explore the new territories of Nelwë In this heroic fantasy  De hack ’n slash RPG’s raakten tot de release van Titan Quest vorig jaar een beetje in vergetelheid tussen de overige RPG’s als Oblivion Maar Titan Quest blies  

[rndtxt] Race against your friends or try to save the world. The interaction with them is unique: how they treated you determine how your relationship with them is and how effective they are in combat. Системные требования ОС: Windows® XP/Vista Процессор: 1 ГГц Память:ОЗУ 512 МБ Графика: 3D, 128 МБ, совместимая с Direct X® 9. You can save your character's level and quest status at any time, but you can't actually save your game in progress. Cleverly designed enemies, like corrupted elves mounted on enormous flying eagles and goblins with hind ends like wheelchairs, are as great to look at as you'd think, and the stylized shading makes it all pop. Another annoying thing is the lack of some basic controls found in other games in this genre. Show more Show less Reviews Write a review 3. but it has great character development and looks great for its age and is extremly fun to play. 99 View the entire list From our Tech Magazine Red Dead Redemption 2: shoot your way through the Wild West After a failed robbery save you as outlaw Arthur Morgan with your gang on the run. Показать график За всё время За промежуток, выбранный на графике&nbsp Вне промежутка, выбранного на графике&nbsp Отображать: Актуальные Наиболее полезные Недавние Забавные Бета-тест НОВОЕ! Новая система фильтрации обзоров, основанная на их полезности. Mar 26, 2007 9 This game is did exactly what it was suppose to. Войти или Открыть в Steam Для одного игрокаДля нескольких игроков Языки: Интерфейс Озвучка Субтитры русский Не поддерживается английский французский немецкий Название: Silverfall: Earth Awakening Жанр: Ролевые игры Разработчик: Monte Cristo Издатель: Focus Home Interactive Дата выхода: 21 фев.

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